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This Month, Reimagine Death

A fundamental skill in therapy sessions is to assist clients in sleuthing out the source of  long-held “should’s” and “suppose to’s” ~ especially the ones that aren’t working very well anymore for the demands and desires of their lives...
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Engaged, So About Your Friends.

Earlier this spring, Jamie Mackey of WeddingWire considered what it’s like for your friends when you get engaged. After interviewing myself and other experts, she came up with the nicest suggestions. Here’s what she wrote: “ We’ve all seen it happen: A friend...
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A New App to Relish Your Relationship

We’ve got personal trainers for everything, it seems. At very least (or most?) many of us relish our yoga instructors and our tax accountants. But, how do you relish your relationship? By the time I meet clients, they’re sorting out fairly worrisome dilemmas.  Not...
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Suicide And Marriage Often Have A Secret Link

Suicide and marriage often have a secret link. In a study of twenty-thousand respondents, behavioral economists learned that an intimate partnership is the #1 leading factor to happiness. Not our vocations. Not our children. Second to partnership is Spirituality, and how you see...
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Love & Relationships. With Jeremy Brown

Love & relationships take a lot of turns. Recently, the journalist Jeremy Brown and I spoke by phone for his article, How to Prevent Minor Arguments From Turning Into Major Fights. Regardless of his topics, Jeremy seems to be able to distill useful tips from a variety of...
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Couples Fight, So Do It Better

If you haven’t noticed, couples fight. So, here’s a quick start on how to fight better. BIDS FOR POSITIVE EMOTION & DIVORCE It’s not about whether or not couples fight.  Healthy couples fight, as much as unhealthy couples fight.  The secret but big...
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Contributing to Fatherly.Com, Things Happily Married Couples Do

Last month, book author Jeremy Brown and I chatted about an article he was writing, Eight Things Happily Married Couples Do For One Another Without Being Asked After interviewing a variety of experts, Brown concludes: It’s not the grand gestures but the little things that...
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How Serious Is Your Mind Body Connection

How serious is your mind-body connection? Step back for a moment, and it’s no surprise how much our thoughts impact our physical health. For instance, if you think your partner is cheating on you, you’re going to be stressed out, to say the least. . But, what if...
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Are You Accidentally Turning Your Partner Away?

Are You Accidentally Turning Your Partner Away? Most of us are.  We unknowingly depreciate them, when it’d be so much nicer to appreciate them. And this wouldn’t matter so much if appreciating each other weren’t the core foundation to a long happy marriage. But,...
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Shot Down & Shut Down. Why We Feel Disconnected in Relationships.

We easily sense when we feel disconnected in our relationships. But it’s less obvious to decipher why. For that matter, when we say “disconnected,” we usually mean we crave belongingness and security. We want to feel lovable and capable. Significant to someone....
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