TV’s Modern Family Meets Monoamines.

This year’s 66th Emmy Awards had us applauding ABC’s Modern Family again. Created by screenwriters Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, the TV show Modern Family makes us feel relief and curiosity about living in today’s Western, contemporary culture. Namely, its characters make...
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Self Acceptance Terry Klee Blog

Uh-Oh, Self-Esteem versus Self-Acceptance. 3 Tips.

Uh-oh. In Alena Hall’s Huffington Post article about being genuine, there’s a hiccup. Sure, the new research smiles at yesterday’s research. Take, for instance, the classics like Fromm with the Marketing Self or Winnicott with the True/False Selves. Both of...
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NYTimes article by Jan Hoffman - Illustration

What the Therapist Thinks About You ~ New York Times

Knowing I’m a therapist, a friend emailed me Sunday’s New York Times article, What the Therapist Thinks About You.  Immediately, I thought, “Finally.” Then, I thought, this is like one of those tabloid titles on the cover of a Glamour magazine, one that I’d lean over...
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Weird, Wild & NYBG. Curious?

Popular authors remind us about “weird, wild, & wonderful,” and it ties into how we like our lives and our relationships.  When the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) hosted best-selling authors Amy Stewart (books like: Wicked Plants: The Louse that Conquered...
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Americas Got Talent? Americas Got Marriage!

People don’t flop onto their sofas to watch NBC’s Americas Got Talent (AGT) because they hope to learn about their marriage. But, in a way, one could. With celebrities like Howard Stern and Heidi Klum, AGT woos 11 million viewers. We watch the bids for love and attention, the...
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