Auld Lang Syne. A Single Poem Atop My Desk.

A single poem sits atop my desk.  Since long before becoming a licensed psychotherapist or a postgraduate-trained couples counselor, I’ve had it there. And while I read it often, in this pressure filled world, it’s still hard to live by. So for all the days past and...
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Words Get in The Way. When Not to Speak.

So often, words get in the way.  In an attempt for connection, we unknowingly push it away. We can’t help but pepper another with platitudes and not-so-subtle questions.  And, whether we’re aware of it or not, we are not talking for the sake of the other.  We are...
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what you really want in life Terry Klee

Depression & Anger: Knowing What You Really Want In Life

What do you really want in life? Many of us stopped imagining or trying long ago. Instead, depression set in. Or has it been anger? After all, depression is sometimes the result of repressed anger, and anger is a major clue to one’s needs and wants. I know, why didn’t...
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couple happy bipartisan politics

Bipartisan Marriage: Klee In Brides Magazine

Recently journalist Kase Wickman interviewed me for her clever piece in BRIDES Magazine:  In the Age of Trump, Is the Bipartisan Marriage Dead?  Put another way, if you can’t tolerate each other’s politics, how are you going to handle everything else a marriage throws...
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a rabbit lying

Lying in a Relationship

Lying in a relationship. One of our gravest upsets. When I was twenty-four, I opened the trunk of my husband’s Buick and my mind fell into despair. Stuffed behind the scuzzy spare tire in a crumpled bag, a brand new pair of L.L. Bean rag wool muk-luk slippers languished....
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two birds on a branch like a marriage

Guest Post: How A Bird Feeder Revived My Marriage

“How a Bird Feeder Revived My Marriage” is a guest-post written by TISTA SEN.  I post it here because decades of a relationship bring lonely, grumpy times.  Yet, Tista Sen reminds us how the little even-unwanted things might revive our relationships. How a Bird Feeder...
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Wonderful Life Re-Imagined

In Friday’s October 23 Shoreline Times paper, theater-critic Brooks Appelbaum slipped on the metaphorical ice of superficiality. That is, she thumbed down the Goodspeed‘s theatrical musical A Wonderful Life, and only because it’s not like the famous movie....
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Friends As Warm Soil ~ And, How Hope Grows In The Dark

Wearing suspiciously huge man-plaid shirts, two psychotherapists crouched over a patch of soil. Neither knew the other was a therapist. But, as new acquaintances, they each had a solid hunch that the other had donned the husbands’ threads for the first day of their garden...
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When MTV’s Editor Called Me

Several weeks back, an MTV Editor phoned me.  The summer’s blockbuster movie Avengers: Age of Ultron was about to rev up theaters, and Wickman from MTV wondered how the Black Widow and the Hulk might do as a couple. Would I mind answering a few questions along these lines,...
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Tweeting with Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson was to rescue me from the Twitter scrublands. Instead, he opened his own Twitter account and posted his profile as @RalphBeReal. Ralph Waldo Emerson is considered a forefather of modern psychology. When I read his work, I understand why: he was in pursuit of one’s...
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