happy couples with humor

Humor Makes Happy Relationships

Humor makes happy relationships. Not to be confused with sarcasm or teasing, humor is one our most effective coping mechanisms.  Just consider the Academy-Award nominated movie Life Is Beautiful.  Humor allows us to experience an escape from life’s inescapable predicaments....
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Which View Of Marriage Do You See?

Last month, The New York Times Op-Ed columnist David Brooks wrote, “Most people don’t change much over time.” Really? Then again, I suppose I do agree, that is, if we don’t care to change or we kid ourselves that we did our best, when actually we secretly are not...
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The Wedding Toast I’ll Never Give ~ New York Times

A dear client of a long term marriage shared this essay with me. It appeared in The New York Times this past weekend, and I’m grateful to its author, Ada Calhoun, for capturing what so many of us know but cannot articulate as simply nor as lightly as she does. Read her full...
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