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A New App to Relish Your Relationship

We’ve got personal trainers for everything, it seems. At very least (or most?) many of us relish our yoga instructors and our tax accountants. But, how do you relish your relationship? By the time I meet clients, they’re sorting out fairly worrisome dilemmas.  Not...
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The Confines Of An Open Marriage

Let’s consider the confines of an open marriage. Yes, an open marriage. Yes, the kind where you and your spouse can date and have sex with others, outside the marriage. This past month, The Times Magazine published a challenging and intriguing article by Susan Dominus that...
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How to Be Happy In A Snow Squall

Alone in a blizzard, a woman’s snowflaked lashes flutter shut. With breath fading and lips palish purple, she hums a song unfamiliar to her: Shiny happy people holding hands. As if I’m kidding (but I’m not), the woman’s name is Happy, though she’s not very happy, is...
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TV’s Modern Family Meets Monoamines.

This year’s 66th Emmy Awards had us applauding ABC’s Modern Family again. Created by screenwriters Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, the TV show Modern Family makes us feel relief and curiosity about living in today’s Western, contemporary culture. Namely, its characters make...
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