Suicide And Marriage Often Have A Secret Link

Suicide and marriage often have a secret link. In a study of twenty-thousand respondents, behavioral economists learned that an intimate partnership is the #1 leading factor to happiness. Not our vocations. Not our children. Second to partnership is Spirituality, and how you see...
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Lying in a Relationship

Lying in a relationship. One of our gravest upsets. When I was twenty-four, I opened the trunk of my husband’s Buick and my mind fell into despair. Stuffed behind the scuzzy spare tire in a crumpled bag, a brand new pair of L.L. Bean rag wool muk-luk slippers languished....
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Four Behaviors That Usually End Your Relationship

Guest post by Erin Brown ~ Ever been in the middle of a heated argument when suddenly the other person pulls out their phone and starts texting? If the answer is yes, and if you find it happening constantly, we hope that person isn’t your significant other. This behavior,...
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