The Therapists’ Therapist

Psychotherapists refer their family and friends to Terry Klee because Terry makes the experience contemporary, enjoyable, and productive.

Twenty-five Years.

Educated at Columbia University, Terry brings twenty-five years of experience in healthcare, psychotherapy, and interpersonal dynamics. She holds intensive post-graduate training in psychodynamic theories, motivational methods, and interpersonal neurobiology ~ to give you only the short list. She grounds her work in the latest research: i.e., what neuroscience reveals about a person’s capacity to change; how a relationship’s dynamics vary and why; and the basics needed for a fulfilling life.

Terry speaks nationally, is published in ELLE and MORE magazines, and is former editor of a psychoanalytic journal, InTouch. Her research is cited in various professional journals. She is working on a book about identity beyond the obvious, tackling one of the most challenging dynamics for couples and individuals: love and fulfillment other than through one’s children.

Trained, seasoned, & collaborative.

And, while most therapists will tell you that, yes, they “see” couples or that they “get” relationships, most are neither specifically trained nor actively seasoned in how to sincerely collaborate with people about their relationships.

Terry’s training helps people to make sense of their relationship’s undercurrents and how it defines them. She remarks:
“All at once, there can be upset, silence, uncertainty, finger-pointing. It’s critical that the therapist not get swept away in this, which happens if one is not well-trained. It’s my responsibility to stay clear-headed, astute. Clients rely on me for this.”
To discern a relationship’s undercurrents and make sense of one’s internal conflicts, Terry invites clients into the fascination of how our brains and our relationships naturally hang onto a tit-for-tat motion. While this round-and-round momentum shapes who we are, it does not have to limit who we want to become.

To get an even broader sense of Terry’s style and approach, please read about how she works.


  • Columbia University, M.S.: Clinical Social Worker, NY State Lic#079073

  • Neurobiology & Psychotherapy, CEU-Accredited, 2012

  • Intensive Couples Counseling: Psychodynamic, Family Systems and EFT, 2006

  • Psychodynamic Masters Studies: William Alanson White Institute (WAWI), 2004

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Columbia University, 2003

  • Effective Evidence-Based Practice, Columbia University, 2003

  • Motivational Interviewing (MI), Addictions-NIH, 2002

  • Ethical Practice in an Informal World, Smith College, 2005

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