Expert Psychotherapy & Counseling

It’s Terry Klee's rare combination of humility and capability that makes sessions feel so enjoyable and collaborative. She grounds her work in up-to-date research. So, clients gain useful info that expands their notions and choices.

Couples Counseling

  • Reviving the verve and vitality, the space and intimacy

  • Marital disillusion: Weighing the how’s of reconciliation

  • Making strengths out of an otherwise on-going conflict

  • Rewriting one’s self in and outside of a relationship

Individual Psychotherapy

  • Creating fulfillment, security, and excitement in existing relationships

  • Rising from the loss of a relationship: Finding meaning and direction

  • Realizing your own potential and the role of interpersonal neurobiology

  • Making use of how-to tips towards fulfillment into life’s later years

Facts & Myths About Affairs

  • Mentoring from trauma to hope

  • Leveraging the little known facts of how and why we love (and lust) the way we do. The neuroscience.

  • How to stop giving the affair (and the other man or woman) more power than deserved

  • How to create a phoenix out of the flames: Becoming a person (and relationship) better than even, ever before.

Consultation for Practitioners

  • For colleagues seeking research on above topics, please inquire.

  • For colleagues referring clients, you may read about my credentials here.

Workshops & Keynote Talks

  • Experienced in interactive, entertaining talks on the topics above, including the latest studies: What neurobiology reveals about a person’s capacity to change; how relationships’ dynamics vary and why; and what research says is necessary for one’s happiness into later years.

Distance Video Psychotherapy

  • For persons who want higher quality therapy but live in remote areas or travel frequently, this is a viable option. To see if this format suits you, feel free to email Terry for an initial session.


  • $205 per one-hour session

  • Receive an invoice at the end of each month

  • Online credit card payments accepted or pay by check

  • Insurance companies might pay for a portion of the fees out of network